Gotham Mid-Season Finale: Spoiler Alert!!!!

The mid-season finale of Gotham sees Bruce and Selina somehow survive having contracted killers come after them. Detective Gordon gets demoted for not walking the line of corruption in political Gotham. Bruce has a crush on Cat, and we get to see her help him navigate the undercity where the homeless children live. Of course, this is after they miraculously escape the hired assassins that are trying to kill them.
This… could have been written better. I mean sure, it’s definitely an alright story line, but I don’t think that Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have THIS much history together. His first kiss? Seriously? Hardly. I’m hoping that they’re going to say that this is a re-imagining of the series, because there are a ton of holes in the plot line now. The one saving grace of this plot is Alfred Pennyworth. The man is a legitimate bad ass, and being former military really stands out in the way that he handles himself.
I still have some hope that this series is going to improve over time; considering it’s only the first season, it’s still going strong. Let’s see where this story is headed.


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