The Creationist

As a person with memory problems, I find solace in the fact that I can carve out my own memories through writing. They’re all fictional, but getting lost in my own imagination is something that I do relatively often. Indulge me, if you will:

Allison jerked awake out of her sleep, her brow dripping with sweat, breaths coming in short, rapid bursts from the nightmare she just had. As silly as it was to be afraid of getting lost in outer space, it was her biggest fear nonetheless. She looked around her small room in a slight panic to be sure that she was still alone. The fact that her parents decided that she would have the room on the third floor of the house they lived in made her feelings of unease that much worse. A low creaking sounded just outside her door, followed a deep, throaty chuckle. She did her best to stifle an otherwise audible gasp from escaping her lips. Without bothering to turn on her bedside lamp, she slipped out of her bed, and into her fuzzy fuschia slippers. Her extra large Mickie Mouse shirt hung over her slender frame as she moved towards the door, uncertain of what to do if there were actually someone on the other side  waiting to knock her unconscious or kidnap her. She reached out with a shaking hand for the door knob, trying to ease her breathing as she braced herself to open the door and fight for all she was worth. A few moments passed, and then as she turned the knob to open the door, she instantly regretted doing so. A giant vortex began to suction the air from her room with a force so powerful that Allison was lifted bodily from the floor. She screamed the shrillest scream possible, holding on to the door for all she was worth. The suction increased until her fingers began to give way. Her eyes were flooded with tears, her vision blurred as she felt her grip slip slowly away from the door frame. When she finally couldn’t hold firm any longer, she began to flail for her life as she shot backwards into space, destined to float as a frozen human meteor for an eternity. Her vision faded into nothingness…and then she woke from the nightmare.


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