The Search For the Golden Review

Now, my first book has been released for a month’s time. While it will remain available for purchase, I am looking for ten willing volunteers that would allow me to give them a copy of the book in Kindle’s format for reading and reviewing. While it’s been a bit difficult, I refuse to lose hope on this. I know there are some of you out there that enjoy reading new material and have opinions on said material, be they good or bad.

The novel itself is a Paranormal Coming of Age story, and is the beginning of a journey for several of the characters featured. The first individual focus is on Linx Spencer, and it shifts between he, Jacob Rose, Levin Danzig, and Jacques LaRoux.

If anyone is willing, please leave a comment below with your personal email address for contact, and I will gladly give you a copy of my book to read and review. This is only available for the first ten people to leave a comment on this post.

Sit Gaea docebit vos ad vertitatem.


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