More Comics? DC vs. Marvel

With all of the comic book based shows coming out lately, there are more people beginning to read the comics based on the characters that are being portrayed in the shows.

I recently saw an article that said, “You’ve already seen the ending to the Flash!” And even though it is in its first season, that is actually a valid statement. The Flash has gone through several different versions of paradoxes over the decades, and seeing it being brought to life on the small screen makes me genuinely happy that they’re doing this, and doing it the right way. The same can be said for its counterpart, Arrow, as well as the pre-Batman era Gotham that’s focusing on the life of James Gordon. Whatever it is DC has planned for these shows in the long run is something that they need to bring to the big screen if they’re hoping to remain in contention with Marvel, who’s been dominating the box office since they were integrated with Disney (admittedly, I thought that was a mistake, but they’ve proven me wrong on several occasions.) Now, back to the Flash: If you think that this series is going to stop at just one Flash, then you’ve definitely got to read the comics to learn more about it. I won’t spoil anything for the ones watching the show; just pick up a Flash comic (or buy one digitally, it doesn’t make a modicum of a difference to me) and you’ll see what I mean.

Speaking of the Arrow, if you saw the mid-season finale, you were probably just as shocked as I was. If you haven’t seen it, or any of the Arrow, I suggest binge watching on Netflix. The first two seasons are there, and the third season is available on the CW site. Just trust me on this. It’s a beautiful thing.


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