Reviews on Guardians of Gaea (Book I)

I recently had some reviews come in for my first novel.

“Probably one of the best books I’ve read in quite some time.

As a debut, it’s pretty astounding. I loved every aspect about it, and how the author left plenty of room for expanded lore and progression of the series. I adore the characters and overall writing style. I never once hit a dull spot and I can’t wait for the follow-ups.

I’d recommend this to anyone without a second thought.

If I had any complain, it was that it wasn’t longer. I typically love stories I can really sink my teeth into and read for a long time before finishing, but if anything this just wet my appetite for the next installment.”

“I found this book to be very well written. Great story that kept my attention. I would recommend purchasing this book for a person who enjoys action packed books with vampire themes. Most adolescents and young adults would find this book a good read. Tis the season, and the price is right, this would make a great Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate), or birthday gift. The price is excellent, as well.”

“This book is well written and captivating. It gives a new twist on vampires and other creatures. Definitely worth the price, which I found to be very low as dar as books go. Do yourself a favor and buy it!”

Have you gotten your copy, yet?


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