Anyone Can Write, But…

The way that I write, each of the chapters are meant to be episodic. The focal point is mostly on the characters, and if someone from outside happens to slip into that bubble, they become apart of the artwork. While I say that the focal point is the characters, they may not be the same characters all the way through the writing. The scenery may change as well. It all depends on how I intend to carve out the artwork. I say artwork because that’s what writing is; painting images with your skill rather than simply pointing out an action. Everything from the tip of a finger moving, to the boldly painted graffiti on the side of a library wall that reads “Knowledge is the Power we ALL need to survive,” to the colour and length of someone’s hair, etcetera.

I don’t do anything in my writing without good reason. Something that you think is minute to the plot may turn up in a later passage and surprise you. Every little thing has a purpose. From the atom to the universe, and beyond that.


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