Busy Busy Birdy

Hey guys, it’s been quite a minute hasn’t it?

At least, that’s what this feels like. Things are moving ever so slowly, but time moves at an alarming rate no matter what it feels like it may be doing. This is the fourth month since the release of my first novel (reminder that it is available at Amazon), and there have been a lot of people that tell me that they enjoy it, and want to know what direction I’m going in in the future. As a writer, I can’t exactly divulge and give away any of the plot, so they normally receive the “You’ll have to wait and see like everyone else,” bit.

I’m back in school also, so that’s something that’s going to keep me motivated to do better by myself as a person, in and out of those brick laden walls. I didn’t have any friends I could hang with, being new to this state, but a few people did actually want me to do some extra curricular activities with them, I’m never nervous, so we managed to hit it off easily.

I’m ready for 2015. Throw everything you have at me, I’m still going to come out on top. I have goals in place to make this year perfect, and I can only hope that the perfection virus is contagious and spreads through the internet to you.

Peace and Love ❤


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