Life Model Decoy

I don’t normally look up to anyone, because I don’t want to model myself as another person. I’d rather be remembered for being myself, instead of a carbon copy of a certain person. I think that if I were put on the spot with that age old question (Who do you look up to?) I would probably answer Dame Maggie Smith or Robert Downey Jr.

I say Dame Maggie because she’s been an integral force in the acting business for decades, and has shown no signs of slowing down at all. Even while she was working on the Harry Potter series, she went through chemo for breast cancer, and still somehow managed to work through the filming of the entire thing. She has to be one of the strongest women I’ve ever seen on-screen.

Why Robert Downey Jr.? He started his acting career modestly, as Ian in the film Weird Science (which I hear they’re trying to remake as an edgier comedy). When his career began to take off, he fell into legal troubles with drugs and the like, and everyone was certain that that was the beginning of the end of his career. Mel Gibson was the one person that decided to take a gamble on him acting again, and it worked out well for everyone in the end, because without that chance we may have had Tom Cruise or Matt Damon as Iron Man. That’s in the past, but I still think that it would have been odd to see, considering the uncanny likeness Downey had to the character all together. Anyhow, the career died and was reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes. That’s essentially why I enjoy seeing him work, and I consider him a hero of mine.

Would I model myself after these two? To a point. Perseverance is key in building a career. If you’re not willing to work hard, then you don’t need to work at all.


One thought on “Life Model Decoy

  1. Asariels Muse

    I choose character qualities to model instead of people. That way you can select the parts you wish to emulate and leave out the others creating a wonderful mish-mash that’s uniquely you.



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