Secret Wars (Opinion)

When referring to the Marvel Universe-wide event that’s coming in May, here’s what you don’t do:

“Fans of Marvel are familiar with the concept of rebooting thanks to DC Comics.”
DC has rebooted several different franchises focusing on a small amount characters, and then rebooted the entire series, which was just odd and sometimes unnecessary. I do know that they did three separate reboots, and while Crisis on Infinite Earths was a good concept, Zero Hour and Flashpoint left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. 
If you’re a Marvel fan, then even if you do doubt that this reboot (coming May 2015) is going to be spectacular considering this is the first real reboot for Marvel since 1961, you definitely know it’s going to be done better than whatever DC brought up to bat (Ha, Batman pun). This is something that has been built up for decades. There’s going to be death, destruction, and devastation. Following all of that, the Universe will rebuild in a new world. Your favourite characters may die, and you may actually feel some modicum of emotion because of it, but the overflow of characters not being used in Marvel is at an all time high, so this is something that a lot of people would deem necessary. I was excited for DC’s Crisis reboot, but I’m even more so for Marvel’s Secret Wars.


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