Tales of the Firewing: Publicity?!

So, I had a book signing yesterday. It was my first one ever, and man did I have fun doing it. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s difficult to engage a situation head-on with no idea on how to go about it. That’s what I did yesterday. My librarian, Mrs. Johnson set up this entire thing, and it went over well enough that they may want me to go on a local tour of the college campuses as a speaker. A perfect cherry on top of the cake I ate today.
I’m going to become a lot more open about supporting my school, because they have gone to lengths I didn’t imagine would happen to support me.
You know how little kids feel when they’ve had a long, exciting day?
Today was exactly that for me.
Thank you for the support.
I am happiest in my elements, and my elements happen to be speaking and reading.
This was a fantastic opportunity, and I’m grateful to Lynda Dickinson for giving me the chance to talk about this.

Here’s a haiku on what I learned from yesterday’s foray into the public eye for the first time:
Life is a journey.
Fleeting, wondrous, lovely-
Fun times, friend.


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