Sexuality and Trust.

I don’t talk about this enough because I originally just saw sexuality as a small piece of an entire person. Humanity is complicated, each person unique in their own way, with one trait that varies over a spectrum: Sexuality.

If one thinks that being gay is a behavioural thing, that statistics are the reason that people are homosexual, then there’s a possibility that the person in question has a real problem.  I can attest from personal experience that I didn’t wake up one day and decide that I would be whatever sexuality I am. There’s a reason that people are more comfortable with coming out as gay in this day and age rather than say, fifty years ago.

Fifty years ago, there were people being beaten to death for things much smaller than being homosexual, like skin colour, fashion choices, and much, much more. People saw this world back then, and the things like this that made them keep secret that part of their lives, because they were afraid that they’d be next.

So no, it’s not that statistics made homosexuality increase, it’s the fact that humanity is more docile, and accepting of it that they feel okay with coming out. That doesn’t mean that everyone who’s everyone has/will come out as homosexual. There are still people afraid of this one minute facet of their life becoming the bane of their existence because of how unfairly the homosexuals that they know are being treated just for being who they are.

If your child has the nerve and gumption to come out to you, they’re putting their life in your hands. You can be the saving grace, or the finger pulling the trigger.

It’s all up to you, and it’s a MASSIVE thing if your child trusts you.


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