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Tales of the Firewing: Publicity?!

So, I had a book signing yesterday. It was my first one ever, and man did I have fun doing it. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s difficult to engage a situation head-on with no idea on how to go about it. That’s what I did yesterday. My librarian, Mrs. Johnson set up this entire thing, and it went over well enough that they may want me to go on a local tour of the college campuses as a speaker. A perfect cherry on top of the cake I ate today.
I’m going to become a lot more open about supporting my school, because they have gone to lengths I didn’t imagine would happen to support me.
You know how little kids feel when they’ve had a long, exciting day?
Today was exactly that for me.
Thank you for the support.
I am happiest in my elements, and my elements happen to be speaking and reading.
This was a fantastic opportunity, and I’m grateful to Lynda Dickinson for giving me the chance to talk about this.

Here’s a haiku on what I learned from yesterday’s foray into the public eye for the first time:
Life is a journey.
Fleeting, wondrous, lovely-
Fun times, friend.


Aftermath of the Book/Bake Sale

Well, I was originally scared that people would react negatively to the whole “Hey, I’m a local author. Would you care to indulge in something new to read?” thing, but it went over a lot better than I thought it would.
I am so elated. I have more dates booked as an author than I expected to; I have an interview that will be published in the newspaper and circulate online at some point.
They all reacted so well to the cover of the book that I may do a spread with the woman on the cover. She doesn’t want to be a model, but she said she’s willing to assist me with this entire project. I have such amazing friends and they all support me so much in this that it makes my heart hurt.
No, that’s not a euphemism. It literally makes my heart hurt to think about it because it’s so… unreal.

I’ll keep pushing forward. Anything is possible if you put your heart into it.

Busy Busy Birdy

Hey guys, it’s been quite a minute hasn’t it?

At least, that’s what this feels like. Things are moving ever so slowly, but time moves at an alarming rate no matter what it feels like it may be doing. This is the fourth month since the release of my first novel (reminder that it is available at Amazon), and there have been a lot of people that tell me that they enjoy it, and want to know what direction I’m going in in the future. As a writer, I can’t exactly divulge and give away any of the plot, so they normally receive the “You’ll have to wait and see like everyone else,” bit.

I’m back in school also, so that’s something that’s going to keep me motivated to do better by myself as a person, in and out of those brick laden walls. I didn’t have any friends I could hang with, being new to this state, but a few people did actually want me to do some extra curricular activities with them, I’m never nervous, so we managed to hit it off easily.

I’m ready for 2015. Throw everything you have at me, I’m still going to come out on top. I have goals in place to make this year perfect, and I can only hope that the perfection virus is contagious and spreads through the internet to you.

Peace and Love ❤


It’s been a couple of days since my last post, mostly due to the fact that I’d been studying for Finals Week. It’s almost always hell, worrying about what your final grades are going to be. It’s akin to being lost in the woods with daylight waning at your back. The panic sets in slowly, and begins to pump through your veins like a slow poison. The day before the finals, it ends up making it to your brain, and caressing it slowly like a dark lover before you walk in the door to the final test of that stressful, emotionally driven semester.

I mean, that’s how it was for me anyway. Crazy college stuff.

Finals? What A Week.

It has been a while since I’ve felt like this.


Woo. Except I’m not feeling the woo. Haha. Between work, writing and school, I think I’ve gotten five hours of sleep at max. That’s alright. I’m going to sleep through the weekend (and by that I mean I’ll sleep in between writing sessions).

The aspirations of a writer should never cease to be a top priority in life. I love every moment I get to look at something and analyze it to the point where I can weigh its soul in my palms.

Field of Dreams

There’s an interesting assignment for a Final in my English course that my teacher set up. The question is this: What field do you plan on going into when you graduate?

As a college student, we know that this is something that could change on a daily basis within a number of reasons. We could change the destination for practicality, or for dream related thoughts. That’s the beauty and the bane of being in college at such a young age: You have no real destination, because most of the time, you have no idea what it is you want to do. I say I want to be a Translator/Interpreter, but I love to write. Do you travel down the road of dreams, or the highway of practicality?