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NaNoWriMo (and Contests For Writers)!

Alright, so I am currently trying to win the contest that’s happening at to gain a publishing contract. The contest is based on how many people go to Tablo and register (for free) and subscribe to my book, as well as read it. They measure the analytical aspects and the top three with the highest and best rated novel wins the chance to be picked up by a publishing company.
If you can only access it from mobile, there’s a mobile app called Tablo Reader, available for iOS and Android that you can download.
It’ only 3.07 MB and you can access the book from there too. It is also free.
All I ask is that you help me with this. I’ve never won anything a day in my life, and winning this (even if it is just this once) would make everything turn around.
You don’t have to pay for anything. All you have to do is read. Here’s what you do:
1. Go to
2. Sign up (again it’s free!)
3. Search for Ezra Zydan
4. Subscribe to the Tales of the Firewing novel, currently in progress
5. Keep up with the updates (I will post about those as soon as I update more)

That’s it, you’re in! 


Upcoming Project!

In the months to come, there will be a new project that I will be working on; I will be writing episodic chapters that will expand the world of the Tales of the Firewing Series, from a time before Linx’s birth and the events that lead up to it. I have been saving this specifically for this reason; I wanted to make it readily available for everyone to read, and I received an offer that I couldn’t possibly refuse.

When the time comes, I will definitely let you guys know about it.

Currently my first book in the series, Guardians of Gaea, is available for purchase in paperback and ebook format at