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It’s finally time! Journalister has arrived.

Public Beta is Now Open!
Everyone can use the site now, so make sure to share this post with your friends and family and anyone who wants to try their hand at writing!
Public Beta means there might be some bugs, which can easily be reported in the Contact Us section of the site. Nothing monetary will take place yet, because the payment system is still being written. But this is a perfect time to get accustomed to the site, and fill out your Bio and collection of stories! Share them with everyone! Anyone can access the site and set up an account now.



Time Frame

I don’t like to say that I don’t adhere to the norm. That’s the norm now, right? OOr is it normal to be normal and not ever mention whether or not you are? Normalcy. What a strange concept.

A majority group that deems an act or attitude the okay thing to be. We could be cannibals, or am entire country of circus performers. We could all be neo-Gothic! It’s a thought that makes you wonder who decided what was the acceptable thing to do? Why did they choose that specific set of behaviours, and how did they become stereotypes?

What is it that makes a person give up on the idea of trying something new? “Everything has been done, I know it!” Hey. Don’t dwell on that. You’re human, and for all you know it’s only once. Expand your mind and embrace the idea of living without fear of stepping on someone else’s foot. It’s bound to happen sometimes. It’s easy to apologise and move on to the next objective. Don’t give up on being yourself before you even have an idea of who you truly are.