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Tales of the Firewing: The Build Up of Antera (Journalister)

If you are interested, there are a few stories that I have been working on and building up to that I have posted on Journalister. When you post your works on Journalister, each entry is protected from being copied, and thus stolen, by any other user on visitor on the site. You can join for free, and remember that all writers are welcome! I will link each story below for your viewing pleasure. Going forward, each work will be featured with a new chapter every couple of weeks!

The Golden Bond

Harker City Blues

Rise of Man, Fall of the Demon



It’s finally time! Journalister has arrived.

Public Beta is Now Open!
Everyone can use the site now, so make sure to share this post with your friends and family and anyone who wants to try their hand at writing!
Public Beta means there might be some bugs, which can easily be reported in the Contact Us section of the site. Nothing monetary will take place yet, because the payment system is still being written. But this is a perfect time to get accustomed to the site, and fill out your Bio and collection of stories! Share them with everyone! Anyone can access the site and set up an account now.


Journalister Is Nearly Here!

I’ve been working on some stories that I’ve been saving for the public beta launch of Journalister. This is a site for people that would love to write and put themselves out there, and love to read works from other writers (be they fan fiction, or original stories). There will be several types of writing available to read or submit, from reviews, to short stories, to poetry and everything in between! I have been an advocate for this site since its inception and I am hoping that many of you will join us on this magnificent journey.

Public beta launch is 27 March 2015!

Update on Book II

I recently decided to hold off on the first look at Book II: Demon’s Son.
Well, that’s easy to answer: The first look at Book II will come with the launch of Journalister at the end of January. This is where I will be showcasing my works in the near future. If you haven’t liked the page, then I certainly hope that you do before February!