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Phoenix Rising

Once upon a time, I thought I was fine

That everything was alright, and I’d survive

Oh, once upon a time, all I did was cry

But never in your sight, I kept it locked up tight

Then you came in from nowhere trying to make things better

Yeah, you said they’d be better, after while

And goodness knows that I should have known better

Than to trust a devil in the guise of angel


Pull me under, let me drown in your lies

Because struggle as I might, I’m stuck in your eyes

Yeah, hold me under, let me drown in your strife

To never get a life, stuck in your eyes

But I will rise


The second time you shoved my face into the dirt

And I tried to make it work, but not anymore

So I push and I shove and I squirm to escape this fate

Pass through the demon’s gate

To stand on my own two feet again

But you struggle and pull me down back to a time before

Where I was a docile bore,

And I can’t go back there any more


But you pull me under and let me drown in your lies

Because struggle as I might, I’m stuck, stuck in your eyes

Yeah, hold me under and let me drown in your strife

To never get a life, stuck in your eyes

But I will rise


Above everything that you thought I should be

This life is mine, there was never a ‘we’

Let go of the past so that I can be me, me


So you pull me under and let me drown in your lies

And struggle as I might, I’ll escape the pain in your eyes

Try to hold me under and let me drown in your strife

But I will get a life, nevermore in your sight

And I will rise



[Life] In Progress

I keep waiting and waiting to update this, because I don’t think that consistently doing so would make for much in the way of news.

Currently entering my junior year of college. Nearing the end of my second novel. I’m writing lyrics and experimenting with music on the side because I want to be able to venture out further with confidence that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I may end changing my college major, though. I do enjoy foreign languages, but I don’t think it’s a job that I want to do for the rest of my life.

2015 has been pretty horrible to me; nothing but a bevy of injuries, missed opportunities and ruined friendships. I won’t put any expectations on 2016, though.

Let come what may, and I’ll handle it my way.

Life (Short Poem)

Life is a highway
Life is a myth
Life is a runway
So dress to kill
Life is a labyrinth
We’re spiders in a web
But are we the links made to keep the web well?
Life is a book
So open up and read
Life is a ship
Set sail and blaze a trail
Life is  living for others
So give, give, give!

The truth is that life is your own.
Do what you will.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what my biggest fear is, lately. Not something petty that most would answer with, but something that I truly find frightening… And I realise that I have no idea what that could be. I think that originally, it was death. You know, what comes next? No one has actually been capable of reporting that. I’m certain that nearly everyone is curious about what there is. Perhaps this is our journey to find the answers to that inquiry. One door closes, and another opens and such, yeah?

I’ve been there already. I may have been revived, but understanding that I crossed that threshold for more than simply a few seconds is an unnerving thing. It isn’t a fear, though. I don’t think I will ever fear death. It’s so… Calming. And in a world of chaos, more and more seek out its cool embrace as a means of escape. The major question that I have is, “What makes life so grand that it’s worth living?”

I try to think of what my true fear is, and my mind takes me on a journey that ends with the thought of, “Am I living for myself, or am I living for you?” Answers are never simply there for the taking. It’s the journey that matters. Alone or with a friend, it doesn’t make any difference.


Time Frame

I don’t like to say that I don’t adhere to the norm. That’s the norm now, right? OOr is it normal to be normal and not ever mention whether or not you are? Normalcy. What a strange concept.

A majority group that deems an act or attitude the okay thing to be. We could be cannibals, or am entire country of circus performers. We could all be neo-Gothic! It’s a thought that makes you wonder who decided what was the acceptable thing to do? Why did they choose that specific set of behaviours, and how did they become stereotypes?

What is it that makes a person give up on the idea of trying something new? “Everything has been done, I know it!” Hey. Don’t dwell on that. You’re human, and for all you know it’s only once. Expand your mind and embrace the idea of living without fear of stepping on someone else’s foot. It’s bound to happen sometimes. It’s easy to apologise and move on to the next objective. Don’t give up on being yourself before you even have an idea of who you truly are.