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Phoenix Rising

Once upon a time, I thought I was fine

That everything was alright, and I’d survive

Oh, once upon a time, all I did was cry

But never in your sight, I kept it locked up tight

Then you came in from nowhere trying to make things better

Yeah, you said they’d be better, after while

And goodness knows that I should have known better

Than to trust a devil in the guise of angel


Pull me under, let me drown in your lies

Because struggle as I might, I’m stuck in your eyes

Yeah, hold me under, let me drown in your strife

To never get a life, stuck in your eyes

But I will rise


The second time you shoved my face into the dirt

And I tried to make it work, but not anymore

So I push and I shove and I squirm to escape this fate

Pass through the demon’s gate

To stand on my own two feet again

But you struggle and pull me down back to a time before

Where I was a docile bore,

And I can’t go back there any more


But you pull me under and let me drown in your lies

Because struggle as I might, I’m stuck, stuck in your eyes

Yeah, hold me under and let me drown in your strife

To never get a life, stuck in your eyes

But I will rise


Above everything that you thought I should be

This life is mine, there was never a ‘we’

Let go of the past so that I can be me, me


So you pull me under and let me drown in your lies

And struggle as I might, I’ll escape the pain in your eyes

Try to hold me under and let me drown in your strife

But I will get a life, nevermore in your sight

And I will rise



Guardians of Gaea (Book I)

Life in his hometown has taken a turn down a darker path since the last time he was there as a child. Take a step into the world of Antera, and the lives of Linx Spencer and friends!

Linx Spencer returns home to Indigo City, Sanus on the heels of a family tragedy to find that life in the big city isn’t the only thing that’s changed. He suddenly finds himself being dragged into a legacy he never knew about, when all he really wants to do is live a normal life.



Tales of the Firewing Preview: Prologue

Sunday morning, 16 September. Histlane, Carnasis. The call came at 7 AM. Linx Spencer had just finished up an overnight shift at the Scowling Coyote bar, and was settling in for a good morning’s rest. It was the last thing he expected to hear after being away from home for so long. He groaned loudly, rubbing his eyes as he reached for his telephone. Who in the hell could be calling me at this hour? He thought as he pressed the phone to his ear.

“Yes, hello sir. May I speak to Mr. Linx Spencer?” a familiar voice on the line asked.

“Yes, this is he. May I ask who is calling?” Politeness. One of the few things his mother always taught him when he was younger was that kindness would serve a person better than rudeness. He kept that for his entire life. No matter how rude someone was to him, he would always treat them with respect.

“This is Jack Rendon, Ms. Spencer’s lawyer. I’m not sure if you remember me or not? It’s been quite a few years, you know.” You know that feeling of dread that creeps up on you when you know that there’s going to be something terrible coming? This was just what Linx was experiencing. He took a deep breath to brace himself, though his voice still shook a bit when he spoke.

“Y-yes, Mr. Rendon. How have you been?” Jack Rendon was the name of the lawyer that Linx’s mother had hired over twenty years ago. He’d been working in Indigo City for nearly forty years, and even though he was the eldest lawyer in the city, he was still one of the very best. Out of three hundred and ten cases he’d only ever lost three, and those were on the head of his clients. There was something about Jack that kept a person honest, no matter what the consequences of that honesty were.

“I’m fine, Mr. Spencer. Life has been good…” He paused a moment, the creaking of his chair and the shuffling of papers sounding over the phone. Linx thought that he heard the lawyer coughing beneath the sound of the shuffling paper. When he spoke again, his voice had become noticeably rough with emotion. “Linx, I have some… some terrible news.”

The chill of fear crept down Linx’s spine, causing him to shift uncomfortably. He sighed, sitting down at his small kitchen table. He closed his eyes tight, hoping it wasn’t what he thought it would be. “Can we drop the formalities, Jack? You’ve known me since I was seven years old.”

The lawyer’s chuckle was deep and hearty. “Sure. Sure.” Linx could hear Jack shuffling his papers around again. It felt like he was trying to stall, and after a few moments more of silence, Linx was positive that was what he was doing.

“Jack…” Just before he lost his cool, he could hear Jack taking in a deep breath.

“Linx, it’s about your mother.”