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Phoenix Rising

Once upon a time, I thought I was fine

That everything was alright, and I’d survive

Oh, once upon a time, all I did was cry

But never in your sight, I kept it locked up tight

Then you came in from nowhere trying to make things better

Yeah, you said they’d be better, after while

And goodness knows that I should have known better

Than to trust a devil in the guise of angel


Pull me under, let me drown in your lies

Because struggle as I might, I’m stuck in your eyes

Yeah, hold me under, let me drown in your strife

To never get a life, stuck in your eyes

But I will rise


The second time you shoved my face into the dirt

And I tried to make it work, but not anymore

So I push and I shove and I squirm to escape this fate

Pass through the demon’s gate

To stand on my own two feet again

But you struggle and pull me down back to a time before

Where I was a docile bore,

And I can’t go back there any more


But you pull me under and let me drown in your lies

Because struggle as I might, I’m stuck, stuck in your eyes

Yeah, hold me under and let me drown in your strife

To never get a life, stuck in your eyes

But I will rise


Above everything that you thought I should be

This life is mine, there was never a ‘we’

Let go of the past so that I can be me, me


So you pull me under and let me drown in your lies

And struggle as I might, I’ll escape the pain in your eyes

Try to hold me under and let me drown in your strife

But I will get a life, nevermore in your sight

And I will rise




It’s finally time! Journalister has arrived.

Public Beta is Now Open!
Everyone can use the site now, so make sure to share this post with your friends and family and anyone who wants to try their hand at writing!
Public Beta means there might be some bugs, which can easily be reported in the Contact Us section of the site. Nothing monetary will take place yet, because the payment system is still being written. But this is a perfect time to get accustomed to the site, and fill out your Bio and collection of stories! Share them with everyone! Anyone can access the site and set up an account now.


An Angelic Chorus

I lost my way some time ago
In the afterthoughts of rage
The memories I have of you
Do no justice or stop the pain

For many years I’ve wondered
If it was all but a simple dream
Where the clouds don’t change shape
And the Gods never did leave

I closed off that part of my heart
Locked the door and lost the key
When this time of year comes around
All my happiness recedes

That’s not to say I don’t miss you
Or the others who came with
It’s just that I can’t handle
All the misplaced love and wondrous bliss

If I had a chance to see you again
I’d open up the gates
Run out to you with open arms
A group hug would starve the rage

Only in the afterlife can you hear the words I say
I just wanted to let you know that I will love you all, always.

Life (Short Poem)

Life is a highway
Life is a myth
Life is a runway
So dress to kill
Life is a labyrinth
We’re spiders in a web
But are we the links made to keep the web well?
Life is a book
So open up and read
Life is a ship
Set sail and blaze a trail
Life is  living for others
So give, give, give!

The truth is that life is your own.
Do what you will.

Third Eye Rising

We hold on to an idea that we can’t see.
We won’t let it go, or let it will be.
Open your eyes, see through the societal confines.
Your mind’s eye revolves around your truth.
Are you a realist?
Or do you fall in with the fabricated ruse?
Be a mind knowing.
Be a body glowing.
Be the water, ever flowing.
Change is constant, as are you.
Originality isn’t dead, unless you listen to those around you.
Your peers should wait as you crack that shell.
Break free of your confines, that personal Hell.
Give birth to something new.
Show all your truth.

“Sit Gaea docebit vos ad veritatem.”


I sometimes get lost in my own mind
Never truly gone, but always out of time
That’s the flow of the mist
The breath of Summer’s sweet kiss
The more things change, the more they stay the same
At least, that’s what they always say anyway
Your heart is lost at sea, your mind trapped in the clouds
Your body roams the land, covered in the darkest shroud
Will you look up from your journey to see what’s ahead?
Or shall you continue on without straying instead?